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The Uncomfortable Truth

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

I love rap music.

I realize I’m part of the minority in the part of the country that I choose to live in, but I can’t help it. Sure, I’ll head-bang to some rock, roll my windows down to some country, or even slow it down for some soul.

I always come back to rap, though.

There’s something about throwing on a steady high-hat with a massive bass hit that makes my head start to bob. You can fit in way more lyrics, tell stories, and teach lessons all in a 4 minute monologue.

One particular storyteller that I enjoy is a Christian rap artist named Andy Mineo. He’s gained some popularity over that past few years due to his witty lyrics and catchy beats. As I’m listening to his song, “Uncomfortable” (which is also the title of his album) I received a metaphorical gut punch.

“First class with a Coach bag, I forgot,

When you start eatin, you lose your hunger and grow fat”.

Now, I’ve never flown first class and I certainly don’t have a Coach bag. I’m also not trying to fat-shame anyone, here. In the context of the song, however, the message becomes clear: He was too comfortable with his lifestyle and lost his drive to succeed. Haven’t we all been there, in some way? In this case, “eatin” means you were successful. Maybe you made the money you wanted to make, or you achieved a strength goal that you wanted to achieve, or married the person you wanted to marry.

But what happens after you meet your goal?

For many of us, we take a second to enjoy the fruits of our labor. That’s good! There are great things on this earth and it’s important to enjoy them. We enjoy some newfound comfort. But…for how long? Is it possible that we start to diminish our potential through comfort?

Any time I’m tackling a concept like this, I try to envision how that could appear, practically, in three different areas my life.  In this case, the concept is: Am I too comfortable to fulfill my potential? Is comfort a good thing?

For me, the most obvious thing to look at is my strength training. Recently I finished a twelve-week strength program and made a significant personal record. I was jaaaaaacked. After that program, I thought I would take a little time to let myself heal and regroup. Only a couple of weeks, I thought. All of the sudden, it’s been a month, and I haven’t really done much to improve myself, physically, since then. Why? Well, I was pretty proud of myself for that personal best. Content. Comfortable.

The next thing naturally place for me to look is my marriage. Yes, things are going well, and I feel very blessed to have such a strong marriage. Lacey and I love each other, get along great, and are in a routine. But when is the last time I did something spontaneous? Sent her flowers, surprised her with lunch, or did some of the things that I did when I was trying to convince her to marry me? Like I said, things are great between us. But am I too comfortable?

Lastly (and should be firstly), I look at my spirituality. I go to church, read devotion in the morning, listen to K-Love…all good things. All those things are a comfortable groove. I think you get the point by now.

We work really hard so that we can make our lives a little bit better. A little bit more comfortable. But ask yourself; does that comfort serve you too well?

Diamonds are made through enormous amounts of pressure. Caterpillars go through extreme amounts of effort to become a butterfly.  Muscles break down when they are used so that they can be built back stronger. As it turns out, the best things lie just on the other side of discomfort.

I don’t want to make comfort out to be the enemy. Most of us know when we need to pull back, take a break, and enjoy the things we have worked so hard. My suggestion, though, is to find happiness in being uncomfortable. Whether you’re pursuing strength, happiness, or spirituality, understand that neither of them will come easy. It’s going to be really hard to get there. You’ll struggle, feel pain, and want to quit. You’ll be forced to face some uncomfortable truths about yourself. This is when great things are achieved. This is how you help others. And this is how you become the person that has fulfilled their potential.

Fall in love with being uncomfortable. It means something better is coming.

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