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I’m Just About That Action, Boss

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

When Marshawn Lynch was being interviewed before Super Bowl 48, reporters were starting to get a little irritated with him. After all, this was the electrifying and entertaining running back for the Seattle Seahawks who just flat-out refused to fully participate in “media obligations”. He couldn’t care less about talking to the media. He had gone through entire interviews with only using the word, “Yeah” as a response. The following year, he would drop all notions of subtlety and pronounce, “I’m just here so I won’t get fined”, as NFL players have written into their contracts that they will participate in media interviews.

Finally, Deion Sanders, another highly entertaining personality, asked Marshawn Lynch if his reasoning for not talking to the media was because he was shy. Marshawn responded with a line that would eventually end up on a lot of T-Shirts:

“I’m just about that action, boss”.

In my previous blogs I’ve (attempted) to explore a lot of the ideas and thought processes that lead people to either quit or never start life changing physical activity. This time, I wanted to give real, actionable items that I have used that have helped me stay dedicated to the pursuit of strength for over a decade. There are hundreds of techniques you can use, but these are my top three.

1. Social Contracts

A social contract is a powerful tool that forces the people around you to hold you accountable. Not because you tell them to, but because they can’t help it. If you’re going to start something new, such as adding a vegetable to every dinner there’s basically two ways you can do it. You can start cooking the vegetable every night or ordering it when you go somewhere. That’s a great start, but if you miss one, who cares? It’s only you who has started this plan. No one will know if you miss a vegetable…or two…or three…or this week….

On the other hand, if you tell EVERYONE you know that you are now going to eat more vegetables, now you’ve created a social contract. Put it on Facebook, tell your friends, your family, let them know that you are making a change to your eating habits. Now, if you go out to dinner and don’t order a vegetable, that person will almost always ask you about it. Then you’ll have to either explain that you’re failing yourself or think of an excuse. It’ll become easier to just actually do it.

2. Follow a Program

If you know me at all, you know that I’m not real big on a strict structure. My mind doesn’t work in the standard, 9-5 way. I like for my days to be different, changing, and exciting. However, having some sort of training structure is extremely beneficial for your body and mind. When you walk into the gym, you should know exactly what you need to get done. Now, it doesn’t have to be in a particular order. But don’t spend your brain’s energy on deciding what you need to do. There are thousands of free, excellent programs online that will give you a structure for your training sessions. The best choice is to hire a strength coach or personal trainer so they can personalize a program specifically for you based on your history and preferences. If you can’t do that, jump online and find a program that has fits your goals. Remember, it doesn’t have to be the best program in the world. It just has to be one that you stick to.

3. Change it Up

Your training sessions should be ever changing. Personally, the longest I will ever stay on one program is twelve weeks. Most of the time I switch every six weeks. There are many, many different ways to train your body, so you might as well try to experience several different ones. Maybe the “meat” of your program is powerlifting and you switch it to yoga. After that it’s speed and weight lifting. Then you focus on distance running or lung capacity build up. Or, you have a program that’s a hybrid of several different modalities. Either way, changing things up will help keep you fresh, excited, dedicated, and healthy.

I’m sure that you all have a bunch of different ways to stay dedicated, so I’d love to hear your strategies.

Let’s go make our lives better!

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