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About Dylan

I have to admit, my path into fitness coaching has not been a conventional one.

There are parts of it that are typical, sure. I was an above-average athlete in high school, which is where I got introduced to weight training. After I graduated, I hit the local YMCA, doing bench press 3 times a week and skipping "leg day", taking advice from all the old wiley gym veterans.

Why did I skip leg day? When I was 15 years old, I got in a little bit of legal trouble. My parents and siblings went on a vacation and I stayed behind because I had football camp that week. I was going to be a sophomore and was likely to see some varsity minutes, so I didn't want to miss camp.

I made the dumb mistake of driving my parents vehicle while they were gone. Without a license. As you can imagine, the story ends up with the truck in a ditch and me being scared to death that my parents were going to find out. In my haste of trying to get the truck out, myself and three friends of my attempted to deadlift this thing out of the ditch. I was really on a roll with intelligent, well-informed decisions. 

That's the first time I remember feeling really acute lower back pain. And it stuck around. Three more years of being a triple-sport athlete and it didn't get any better. After physical therapy, doctor's visits, and pain medication, I just had decided that back squats and deadlifts weren't for me.

I didn't go to college for anything health or nutrition related. I actually studied Criminology at Missouri State University, which led me to a career working as a Probation Officer. I worked pretty standard 8-5 hours, which allowed me to hit the gym before work. I had to drive about an hour to work, each way, so I'd listen to any podcasts related to health and nutrition. Barbell Shrugged, Business and Biceps, Real Chalk, Squat University, and The Barbell Life, to name a few. I ate up that content as fast as they could upload it. Utilizing this information, I slowly worked myself to have a decent back squat and deadlift. I still had to be increasingly careful, though, to make sure I didn't "tweak" my back again. Sound familiar? 

That was that. I was perfectly content working in that career and just being a guy who went to the gym. I got in great shape and people really started to notice.

During this time, I would have friends or family members ask me for tid-bits of fitness advice, which I was always happy to talk about it. After a few years of this, people started offering to pay me to train them. While I was a little reluctant to do it, at first, I figured if I could help someone better their lives, why not? I didn't charge them very much, and often ended up doing it for free.

So there I was, working as a Probation Officer by day and training people at night. I like to think of myself as the Batman of Personal Trainers. Anyway, I started to notice a number of similarities in the two types of clients I was dealing with (personal training clients and those on probation). The behaviors that led people to commit crimes and abuse substances were very similar to the things that caused people to overeat and remain sedentary. 

This is where things started to change for me. I saw the connection between my two fields of interest and knew that, if I worked 1-on-1 with people, I could help them meet their fitness goals.

I decided to take an even deeper dive. I ordered textbooks, e-books, nutrition plans, read the research, spent tons of money, and started looking to the experts in the field of training and nutrition. Not only did I get stronger, I eliminated my back pain. My body fat percentage went down. All by follow practices that are based on evidence and coaching experience. There isn't any magic pills around here. You won't find any "secret" training routines. What you will find is great, quality results, time and time again.

I've built a knowledge based that, combined with my coaching experience, is a service that so many can benefit from. And they already have.

If you want to check out more about my line of thinking, check out my blog posts. I write as often as I can and will always give those out for free.

If you want to hop onto to one of my training plans, check out the training plans tab on find the one that works for you. You can download them, take them to your gym, and get started right away.

If you want to represent my business and what I'm about, check out the apparel line. I sell quality apparel that you can wear to the gym or in your everyday life. Deion Sanders said it best: You look good, you play good". 

We're all here to use the gym so that we can PERFORM in our daily lives. I just want to help you get there.

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